Electronic Product Design

From concept through prototyping and into production Celeritous can provide many aspects of the design and prototyping process.

The design and prototype process usually follow these steps:

  • Execution of a Non-Disclosure Agreement (NDA) to protect Celeritous' and customer's intellectual property
  • Research existing IP / Patents for customer's idea
  • Establish a clear and detailed set of specifications for the product to prevent feature creep and design changes.
  • Create a detailed cost and time proposal to get customer's concept to the prototype stage with milestones
  • Delineation of what parts of project will be work for hire where IP is transferred to customer and what part belongs to Celeritous as pre-existing IP
  • Identify potential additional costs outside of Celeritous' scope including, but not limited to product testing and product features requiring industry association fees, dues or royalties.
  • Non-Refundable deposit to begin work
  • Conceptual design of electronics, formware, user interface,  packaging and other details where applicable
  • Circuit design including component selection, schematic capture and component library creation where necessary
  • Board and Package design including locations of connections, interfaces, user I/O, power, etc
  • Board layout including component footprint creation where necessary
  • Bare PCB fabrication and materials / components procurement
  • Assembly of prototype boards
  • Product firmware / software basic driver / interface development and test
  • Product firmware User I/O development and test
  • Product firmware functional development and test
  • Revision of product schematics, Bill of Materials (BOM) and/or PCB layout  as nedded
  • Packaging prototype / mockup
  • Build deliverable 1st article prototype hardware with firmware based on latest design version
  • Customer review and feedback
  • Incorporate any customer requested changes / modification within the scope of the proposed effort
  • provide customer with a full documentation package to provide to contract manufacturers, test houses, etc

Celeritous bills projects based on their progress and accrued expenses so the customer is not liable for the entire amount of the development at one time. Celeritous normally requires a non-refundable deposit to begin work on a development project. Labor and materials are credited againt this deposit until exhuasted and then labor and materials are billed as accrued payable upon receipt.

We do not offer net terms except to Government entities or contractors which are invoicedd Net 2% 10 Days.

Services that Celeritous can assist with, but does not directly provide include:

  • Locating test houses for product testing for FCC, UL and other industry safety and other reuirements
  • Locating potential contract manufacturers. The final selection and due diligence is the sole repsonsibility of the customer
  • Identifying industry associations that may require membership fees, dues or royalties for product features such as USB, HDMI, etc
  • Celeritous can assist in the creation of product documentation only to the extent of consulting with thr customers legal, liability and manual writing team to help explain the roduct design and operation.

Items that Celeritous specifically does NOT do include:

  • Creation of manuals, documentation, safety warnings or packaging text.
    • This is a very specific field and most importantly manuals, packaging text and safety warnings should be created and reviewed by the customer's legal and product liability team.
  • Marketing
    • Celeritous does not participate in marketing of a product in any way. This is the sole responsibility of the customer.
  • Retail / Wholesale packaging
    • Celeritous does not get involved in the retail or whlolesale product packaging. This is a very specific field and is the sole responsibility of the customer to find the necessary resources for this.
  • Trade effort for equity
    • Celeritous does not trade design effort for an equity stake in a product. We are not interested in a possible return on investment in the future and view it as a conflict of interest.

Customers should be aware that Celeritous expends a great deal of time, based on a great deal of experience in creating cost and time estimates for projects and expect the follwing:

  • Schedules cannot be arbitrarily shortened to the customer's expectations even by throwing more money into the equation. It takes time to develop working relationships in the design process and simply adding people does not necessarily equate to faster progress. In the near term it almost always impedes it.
  • Feature creep or midstream changes in specifications will require a commensurate adjustment in cost and schedule and may require major revisions to work already completed.
  • Projects are milestone based and funded as they progress. Normal terms are that either party can cancel the balance of a project but the customer is liable for any and all expenses accrued up to the time of the cancellation.
  • In the event of a project cancellation it is our policy that all ownership of all designs and IP developed under the contract to that point to revert to Celeritous. Celeritous use of reverted IP is limited by any NDA in place.