Pulse Power consulting

CEO Allen Litton spent 20 years in advanced pulse power R&D while at Texas Tech University, Los Alamos National Lab, Lasertechnics, Northrop Grumman and USC. He was involved primarily in high power excimer laser R&D in both the power electronics side as well as high noise immunity instrumentation and controls. He was involved in pioneering efforts in the use of high average power solid state and magnetic pulse compression switches in excimer laser applications. while at Los Alamos and Northrop.

While at Los Alamos he was involved in the burn-in life testing and analysis of thyratrons and high energy density capacitors.  These data were for use in MTBF estimates for plant scale and space based thyratron pulse power applications.

While at Northrop he was involved in the design of a space based excimer laser for submarine communications. He was primarily responsible for the switch mode capacitor charging and load management subsystems as well as collaborating in the design, test and integration of an all solid state laser modulator. Later projects included power conditioning for numerous direct excitation, flash lamp and diode pumped lasers. 

Other pulse power projects have included:

  • Compact cermax lamp drivers
  • Planar triode based variable pulse width / voltage pockels cell drivers
  • Solid state based variable pulse width /. voltage pockels cell drivers
  • Solid State sub-ns step recovery diode based pockels cell drivers
  • Compact optically isolated spark gap triggers
  • General Purpose optically isolated control and instrumentation system based on an ARM 32 bit processor core

Celeritous still provides pulse power system consulting including designs for compact spark gap, ceramic lamp and thyratron driversr as well as high noise immunity processor based controls and instrumentation for pulse power systems.