STM32L152 Processor Module – Assembled without extra EEPROM



STM32L152CC 32bit ARM processor module in a 40 pin DIP format. Assembled board including 24FC256 EEPROM.



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The STM32L152 module is a low power, compact, medium I/O count 32bit ARM Cortex M3 processor platform capable of up to 32MHz internal clock speed. It’s 40 Pin DIP format is easy to prototype with as well as integrate into larger designs. The standard 0.100″ pitch headers make it compatible with prototyping board.  Compare this to the typical Arduino platform which is 8bit only, 8MHz only and 32K Flash only.

This platform is compatible with the FREE Atollic TrueStudio Development environment which offers actual hardware debugging using an STLink debugger. It is also compatible with ST Micro’s STM32CubeMX product which allows for rapid definition of pinouts, peripherals and clock chain then generates all necessary initialization code saving many hours of time.

STlink V2 Debuggers are very low cost as are logic analyzers which allow debugging not just of digital I/O but decoding of serial protocols such as I2C and SPI and are invaluable for hardware debugging of peripherals and driver development. Both may be purchased through our store.

Full documentation for this product can be found on the Celeritous GitHub site and the board design is released under the CERN Open Source Hardware License Version 1.2

Module Features include:

  • STM32L152CCT6 Processor with
    • 256K Flash Memory
    • 32K SRAM
    • 8K of EEPROM
    • 12MHz & 32kHz crystals
    • 12bit ADC
    • 12bit DAC
    • 2 Op-Amps
    • 2 Comparators
    • 1 USB
    • 3 USARTS
    • 2 I2C Serial channels
    • 2 SPI Serial Channels
    • 11 Timers
    • Compatible with many other STM32 QFP-48 Packaged devices
  • Additional EEPROM Space with (optional) on-board 24FC256 256Kbit (32KByte x 8) I2C EEPROM
  • 3.3V Operation Only
  • On-Board LM1117 3.3V LDO Regulator
  • Input inverse voltage, over voltage and over current protection
  • 3.3V Output with  inverse voltage, over voltage and over current protection
  • USB transient protected
  • I2C Channel 1 pull-ups on-board
  • On-board reset pushbutton
  • On-board Boot Mode jumper
  • On-board voltage source selection – external +3.3V or external +5-12VDC
  • USB I/O pins routed to headers to allow use as external USB or conventional I/O
  • On-board power and user LED – may be disabled for lower power consumption
  • All I/O available on headers
  • USB connector anchored by through hole tabs – won’t strip off board
  • USB D+ pull-up on-board for proper enumeration


Additional information

Weight 8 oz
Dimensions 6 × 6 × 1 in

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