About Celeritous

For over 20 years Celeritous Technical Services, Corp. has provided customers with cost effective, state of the art product design and development.

Many customers have come to us after failed attempts at getting a product prototype developed and spending sometimes hundreds of thousands of dollars prior to coming to us. Often we have been able to complete their projects at a fraction of the cost even when starting from scratch.

We have developed hardware and software for a wide variety of products in diverse fields such as:

  • Agriculture
  • Animal Sciences
  • Medicine
  • Industrial Controls
  • Oil field services
  • RF / Broadcast
  • High Voltage / Pulse Power
  • Aerospace
  • Robotics

In addition to new product development we have also been able to provide replacement hardware for a number of customers where vendors have gone out of business or simply quit supporting a product. These replacements have ranged from the chip level  to entire circuit board assemblies.  Often while creating a replacement board or assembly we are able to update the design to make design improvements, update the technology and even add additional features lacking in the original design

Our design capabilities range from IC design to product package design and all levels in-between.  Most of our preferred design tools are now open source which allows us to freely and economically share data with our customers without huge investments in software tools for either party.

We are also now releasing a large number of in-house developed products and building blocks as open source hardware. See our OSHW pages and github site for more details.

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