OSHW Switching Power Modules

These modules are used as basic building blocks in a number of our projects. They are designed for compact size, high efficiency, low EMI/RFI and versatility.

Currently our OSHW power modules include:

  • 1 Cell Boost Power Module – This is a compact boost switching power supply that is slightly larger than a AAA cell battery and features in integral AAA battery holder for Alkaline of NiMH batteries. It is jumper selectable to produce 2.5V, 3.3V or 5.0V outputs at approximately 150-200mA. The switching regulator operates at 1MHz to allow compact filtering. Also included on-board is an ultra-low power LED flasher to act as a low drain power on indicator. The module includes an on-board power switch and LED as well as header to directly mount the module to the user’s board and headers to allow remote location of a switch and LED.
  • 2MHz Spread Spectrum Buck Power Module – This tiny (14.5mm x 20mm) switching regulator is about the size of a conventional TO-220 regulator and may be powered by up to 40V. The output may be jumper programmed for a variety of fixed voltages as well as optionally provided with a trimpot for continuous output voltage programming. The 2MHz spread spectrum switching allows compact filters and very low conducted and radiated EMI/RFI. The three termional interface is simple and the board includes an integral power LED.