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Welcome to the latest generation of the Celeritous Technical Services, Corp. web site. After 20+ years I have forgotten what version this is. After a fairly lengthy hiatus due to health, a company move and trying to develop new products the web site has taken a bit of a back seat the last several years.

We have shifted after a number of years from Drupal to WordPress. After having Drupal hacked several times and its incessant updates and security holes we sandboxed WordPress for awhile and found the updates were much more seamless. They also don’t tend to detail and  advertise all the security holes fixed for the (hacker) world to see so if you didn’t update instantly you were left vulnerable.

We are once again going to set up an online store for many of our in-house developed products as well as a few third party products that are complementary to our product line.

You will notice a large number of products being released as open source. That is a topic for a different post.


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